July 26th

Oh, hello. Sorry for the hiatus. As you can see, I was busy moving this blog to WordPress!

(Ok that’s a lie…I did the blogger-to-wordpress thing all this morning; it took like an hour, tops. The rest of the time I was just being lazy.)

But I figure it’s time to finally break the dry spell, 1) because I have this sweet new blog and 2) because it’s a good day for rock & roll birthdays.

First, happy birthday to Sir Mick Jagger, the swaggest, most in-shape 71-year-old I’ve ever seen:


Second, happy 65th to Roger Taylor of Queen. Amazingly, I’ve only just started getting obsessed with Queen. I’ve always loved their music (who doesn’t?) but have recently started to watch some interviews and read a bunch of wiki articles and as per usual, it’s gotten me hooked on these guys. With the exception of maybe mid-60s Keith Moon, Roger Taylor is the only rock drummer I’ve ever considered to be absolutely adorable. Look at his face!!


Also, video proof. What a doll.

Speaking of which, I just saw the video for “I Want To Break Free” for the first time. Men in drag aside, can we talk about this a little bit? What’s up with all the spandex and grapes in the instrumental section? Is Freddie wearing Vulcan ears? And how is Roger just so PRETTY? I have a feeling that much of my weekend is going to be spent watching Queen videos, and I’m super cool with that.

And finally, it’s also Dan Konopka (my OK Go counterpart)’s birthday! More to come on this later, but while I was standing outside The Independent before OK Go’s SF show earlier this month, Dan walked right past me twice, but I was too awkward to say hi. I found it funny that a guy outside asked him if he was waiting for a ticket (for the sold out show that he was headlining? don’t think so…). In fact, all four members of the band were outside before the show, and no one (except Damian, a couple times) got recognized. What a perfect amount of fame. Can’t wait to see them again in SLC!

Oh, by the way, you may have noticed that along with the new blog came a new blog name. Electric Kool-Aid was sorely outdated, although I do still recommend the book if you ever want to experience a day in the life of a Merry Prankster. Flip the Record just fits better with the overall purpose of this blog, and after literally months of trying to think of a new name, I liked this name the most. Hope you do too!