Excuse me while I figure out WordPress

Ok so I haven’t really made this new blog public yet, but since I’ve already referred to it from a few specific outlets, I feel the need to include a small disclaimer:

Although migrating everything from Blogger to WordPress was super easy, a lot of my posts seem to have gone through some sort of bizarro warp zone in the process. Suddenly they’re full of broken images, phantom youtube videos, and all sorts of annoying spacing issues. As a result, I’ve been going through all my old posts fixing each one manually, which has been quite the tedious process. I mean, I know it’s highly unlikely that anyone’s ever going to go back to my Monkees marathons from 2008, but if they do, I want to make sure they can see those youtube videos, ok?!

So while I painstakingly fix lines of HTML and pretend to know what I’m doing, here is something for you to watch/listen to/enjoy:


This is a band called James Rabbit, performing at El Rio in San Francisco. A couple weeks ago they toured with my favorite guys The Spencer Owen Timeshare, and I was lucky enough to see them at both their Berkeley and San Francisco shows. Their live sets are INSANELY fun. Lots of dancing, and improv, and in this case, unintentional glasses-flinging.

I think my favorite song from this set is the “Conversation Through Walls” singalong, but really, they’re all fantastic. They have a new album out, which you can listen to (and buy!) on bandcamp. I’ve been exploring all the other albums on their page too; there’s so much good stuff.

Another goal for this blog is to eventually have a page for some of the pictures I’ve taken (including some from the above show), but that’ll have to come later, once all the nitty-gritty stuff is fixed. In the meantime, maybe stick to the more recent posts on here, and I’ll be back once everything else is up to par. 


3 thoughts on “Excuse me while I figure out WordPress”

  1. Ohman! I JUST read your post saying you were moving to WordPress. You have no idea how excited I am WORDPRESSISAMAZING. I’m still figuring a lot of things out, but if you need help with anything at all, feel free to ask!

    By they way, Laura and I just moved into our very own condo. We’re homeowners! When we’ve finished getting settled we hope you’ll come check it out!


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