Quiet in November


This is just a little message to let you know that this blog (and any semblance of a social life) might go through a brief hiatus for the month of November while I try to devote every non-work, non-sleeping hour to my NaNoWriMo project. I’ve tried to do this every year since 2010, and never made it past 3 days because writing a novel is HARD. This time I’m 10 days in and just a tiiiiiny bit behind, but the fact that I haven’t stopped yet really makes me want to finish this thing.

So, sorry in advance for the lack of posts here. But I did want to take a moment to express my absolute delight in a couple of things:

1. Interstellar. Because it’s basically the Queen song “’39” in movie form (space explorers embark on a mission to find distant planets but risk never seeing their families again due to time dilation. Relativity, y’all). I saw it on Saturday and although it didn’t quite live up to my super-high expectations (maybe because we’d recently seen 2001: A Space Odyssey on the big screen and what could be more epic than that?), it was definitely a mind-bender. Would recommend! Here’s the trailer, and here’s the Queen song, written by band astrophysicist Brian May.

2. Also, I haven’t yet seen Big Hero 6 but am really looking forward to it for one reason: San Fransokyo!

3. And finally, while getting in the mood for NaNoWriMo, I read a devastatingly good YA book called I’ll Give You The Sun. You guys, this book has my heart. I loved the character Noah’s voice and if anything I ever write is half as good, I’d consider it a great accomplishment.

Ok, that’s it. Back to Google Docs now. See you on the flip side!

4 thoughts on “Quiet in November”

  1. I really want to see Big Hero 6! I’ve already bought the track (“Top of the World”) from the preview because Greek Fire is amazing! Anyway, this is my new wordpress account by the way. I don’t have good posts up yet, though, so give me time (like when NaNoWriMo is over) before you read it.


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