About that show we traveled 5500 miles to see

My boyfriend and I have very different musical tastes, although there is definitely overlap in some very important places (e.g. Paul Simon and the Beatles). I actually remember when we became friends on Facebook, and my first thought after seeing his favorite music section was, “Uh oh. We’re not going to have anything to talk about.” Note to September 2009 self: you were super wrong about that. One of the best things about having different tastes from your partner is being able to introduce each other to new stuff.

Long story short, that’s how I ended up at a D’Angelo concert halfway across the world, listening to the now-familiar soul/funk/R&B-infused songs from Voodoo and Black Messiah. Before that, it was years of hearing Voodoo in the car and on the record player, being shown YouTube videos of rare performances, and hearing rumors about a long-awaited album. But seeing it all in person is what finally made me really appreciate D’Angelo as a musician and a performer (sorry it took so long, Alex!).

[YouTube took down the original video I had posted here. But below is one of comparable quality, from the same week.] Throughout the night, D’Angelo was channeling some serious James Brown, and the his band (the Vanguard!) was on point:

Moral of the story: Share the music you love with the people you love. Share it with strangers, too. SHARE MUSIC EVERYWHERE, so that someone discovers something new every day.

/end preaching

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