Love is all you need

What a perfect day for this:


Fun fact: That performance was from the first global satellite broadcast ever, because of course the Beatles would do something that extraordinary. The BBC asked them to write a song specially for the occasion. Paul originally suggested “Hello Goodbye,” but (no offense Paul) I’m really glad they went with this instead. Because now, almost 50 years after the Summer of Love, it’s more relevant than ever. Today was an explosion of rainbows and puppies (literally: I got to play with puppies at work) and I *can’t wait* to celebrate with my fellow San Franciscans this weekend! I love my city.

Speaking of “Hello Goodbye”…
I will now leave you with this, 4 minutes of Beatles footage I HAD PREVIOUSLY NEVER BEFORE SEEN, in which Paul is a mime and George does a magical striptease that somehow reveals zero skin (you can go ahead and skip to 3:06 if that’s the part you’re interested in).

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