Real life is for March

According to 30 Rock, nothing that happens on Leap Day counts, so I like to think this means Davy Jones never actually died (how come none of the other conspiracy theorists are onto this one with me?!). And in that case, we really don’t have anything to be sad about today.

This also marks the anniversary of that time I participated in trivia with a bunch of Googlers in Mountain View, and an entire round was dedicated to the Monkees. Needless to say, I crushed it, although the experience really skewed my perception of pub trivia (I’ve since learned that there’s not always a round that is tailored specifically to my interests).

In honor of our dear—but not dearly departed—Davy, here are two of his songs from the Monkees catalog, a.k.a. “really catchy pop songs with atrocious lyrics.” Also featuring: Peter’s overly enthusiastic clapping, Micky’s fake drumming, and Mike’s total indifference.

Confession: I’m guilty of really liking this song, even though the lyrics are so, so dumb (thanks Neil Diamond!). Basically, Davy is encountering “all kinds of sorrow” because he can’t choose between two girls who like him. #davyproblems

A second season Rainbow Room gem. I just can’t get over the line “how old d’you say your sister was?” Somehow, Davy can get away with it.

Thanks, buddy. 60s bubblegum pop wouldn’t be the same without you.

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