What a time to be caught without a turtleneck.

In celebration of Halloween, I would like you to please enjoy a clip from one of my favorite Monkees episodes. It’s the perfect combo of goofy dialogue, physical comedy, and the chaotic, self-aware editing that made the late second season just so completely batty (heyyy see what I did there? 🦇).

Also! I revisited my rock & roll-adjacent Halloween playlist, which was pretty sad and lame back when I first made it on 8tracks. Now that 8tracks has kicked the bucket, I’ve decided to pad it out a bit with some more psychedelic tunes and jammy spooky songs at the end. The resulting extended version lives on Spotify now:

And finally, let us all remember 2021 as the year Paul and Ringo (aged 79 and 81 respectively) graced us with Halloween selfies on Twitter, truly the best gift we could ever hope for:

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