Into the Great Wide Open

Just some miscellany for you on this fine Friday eve…


OK Go’s new album Hungry Ghosts officially comes out next week, but you can hear the whole thing now at Hype Machine! Thanks to pre-orders and two OK Go concerts this summer, a lot of these songs already feel like old favorites (“The One Moment,” “I Won’t Let You Down”), but hearing them as part of a full album somehow brings back the magic of experiencing them for the first time. After a few listens, my favorite new songs are “If I Had a Mountain” (SO Prince) and “Bright As Your Eyes.” Can’t wait to have my own copy, and for the new music video(s) to come out!



Last weekend I saw TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS in San Jose, and it was epic. A real American rock & roll show, as Tom put it. Poor Alex was suffering from the Bruce Springsteen Effect (throwback to 2009 when Lauren and I couldn’t stay awake during the Boss’s 2+ hour set at the end of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame concert). Nevertheless, I like to think he enjoyed at least the hits, and/or wasn’t too embarrassed with me trying to perfect my Petty impression during “Yer So Bad.” Unlike a lot of other classic rockers who have understandably gone hoarse (Roger Daltrey, I still love you), Tom Petty still sounds exactly like Tom Petty. And his hair is still so unbelievably groomed (is it fake now? I’m too scared to ask Google).

That hair…so smooth and silky…

Anyway, the show was awesome and I quite enjoyed Tom’s stage quips: “Whaddaya say, San Jose?!” (such a dad phrase) and “Thank you SO MUCH” x1000. I also thought it was cool that they played “So You Want to Be a Rock ‘n’ Roll Star” and a rowdy version of “(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone,” which I had no idea was originally recorded by Paul Revere & The Raiders. We had pretty good seats on the floor level and near the middle, but I would love to someday see a show like this from the first few rows. Maybe next time TP & the Heartbreakers play Outside Lands….


And of course, Happy Lenntwistle Day! I searched through Tumblr to find two pictures of these guys being their awesome selves:

johnny JUNagain

Is J.L. on a skateboard? And I know he’s flipping the British equivalent of the bird, but he’s doing it so HAPPILY! I’ve never seen that pic before and I love it. Meanwhile, J.E. makes a fashion statement out of leather pants, a scarf, and a wacky bass guitar. How can you not love them?


In high school, my AIM username was “lenntwistle”: a combination of John Lennon and John Entwistle. (I thought I was sooooooo clever. Too bad I had to explain it every time I had a conversation with someone [although let’s be honest, the only people I chatted with were band kids who were just as nerdybut not as classic rock-savvyas me.])

Anyway, the only reason I bring it up is because it’s October 9, one of my favorite self-proclaimed holidays. JOHN DAY! i.e. the day that John Lennon and John Entwistle were born, 1940 and 1944 respectively.

In honor of these guys, I thought I’d share a song by each. These are two of the most rocking, dance-inducing songs I could find, because after all, these guys ARE rock ‘n roll:

Happy birthday, John and John!

we all shine on

Oy. School has started and now I can’t update this thing pointlessly three times a week anymore. Bummer. I missed John Day so this is my late tribute:

John Lennon, Oct. 9 1940 – Dec. 8 1980

John Entwistle, Oct. 9 1944 – June 27 2002

Two of the greatest!

Also, one more thing from the Rock Hall website:

October 14th, 2009
We have just added BB King to play with Stevie Wonder on October 29th and Buddy Guy to play with Eric Clapton on October 30th.

Epic! 15 DAYS!!!!!