YouTube is a magical place

File this one under “Paul McCartney music videos that are simultaneously delightful, confusing, and disturbing”:

A screenshot:


But also…I can’t stop replaying it, because ugh, those McCartney songs are just so catchy.

Anyway, this Friday’s gift to you is a YouTube playlist comprised of equally perplexing Macca videos. I’ve realized over the past two nights that Paul has so many strange and lovely music videos that I’ve never seen, a situation which I hope to rectify ASAP. So I’m sure I’ll be adding to the list as I continue binge-watching (I had no weekend plans anyway).

Props to Linda for going along with a lot of these. She really was a trooper.

Martha My Dear

For some light Saturday viewing, here is a pictorial tribute to Martha, Paul’s sheepdog a.k.a. The Real Fifth Beatle:

Why that last picture never made it as an album cover is a mystery to me.

And also, because Post-Beatles Martha must not be forgotten, here are some McCartney family photos that also happen to showcase how cool of a dad 70s Paul was:

AAAAND because I’ve already gone too far with this post, might as well share this video featuring more Martha and Cool Dad Paul. Can I also just take this opportunity to profess my unabashed love for Linda McCartney, and how unfair it was that she had to die and Paul subsequently got involved with this hot mess? I like to keep things chill on this blog, but for the record, Heather Mills is the absolute worst.


But back to Martha.

She lived a long life (15 years!) and saw Paul through the end of the Beatles and the start of his family. It’s obvious from the pictures and video that they were meant for each other. <3

Paul McCartney rocks (and might also be a robot)

Last week’s Farewell to Candlestick show was one I couldn’t pass up because: 1) whenever Paul McCartney is in town, I HAVE TO SEE HIM; 2) it was the last public event at the ‘Stick before the stadium gets demolished; and 3) the Beatles played the last show of their last tour ever there, so it’s got some pretty great Beatles history behind it.

photo (17)This marks the 3rd time I’ve seen Sir Paul, all of which have been San Francisco shows. And let me preface this by saying that he is SUPERHUMAN for being able to consistently put on a career-spanning, nearly-3-hour-long show at 72 years old. Like, I can’t even stay standing for that long, much less put on a show in front of 50,000 people. And as if I even have to make this disclaimer, but I am the biggest Beatles fan I know, so I love Paul, I really do.

But that said, it’s funny how every single Macca show I’ve seen (live or online) since 2010 is exactly the same. Some songs were added from New, but other than that, the set list and (sometimes questionable) stage visuals were identical. Also, it’s like Paul has some magic formula of pre-song banter and gestures that he has programmed into his brain, and he’s able to follow the formula word for word, which is actually pretty impressive. I wonder what would happen if something broke the routine, like a fan jumping on the stage or a monster thunderstorm. Would Paul just keep tousling his hair and telling his Jimi Hendrix/Eric Clapton story with a rabid fan around his neck in the soaking rain? Is Paul McCartney actually a robot?

And while he did add in a few nice lines about the venue, I’m not gonna lie: I was kind of hoping there would be some big gimmicks for the ‘Stick’s last show. Haha, I don’t know what that would entail….even more fireworks, perhaps? Ringo coming out and singing “With A Little Help From My Friends”? John and George holograms? I did appreciate Paul deviating from the standard set list to play “Long Tall Sally,” the last song the Beatles played at their Candlestick show. It’s also worth mentioning that I really like the newer songs, especially “New” and “Everybody Out There.” What can I say, despite maybe being an Android, the man can still rock.

photo (16)
Live and Let Die, naturally

On an unrelated note, I have some blog news! I finally finished going through all my old posts, so the broken videos/links should all be fixed (that is, until those YouTube videos get taken down, which will surely happen someday). I also might have deleted a few posts that were just too embarrassing to revisit, like me attempting to talk about politics. Silly 2009 self, that’s not what this blog is about.

Here’s what this blog IS about:

A Random Roundup: Bowie, OK Go, Midcentury Mod, Queen

  • Speaking of stage banter, here’s some good stuff. Turns out I never realized how much I need to see David Bowie in concert, until I watched this video.
  • OK Go released some new behind the scenes footage and an intense floor map for the “Writing’s On the Wall” video. Always amazed at how much work goes into these videos, from the band and crew alike!
  • VERY RANDOM, but, I shamelessly follow Retronaut on Facebook, and there was a recent post that really rekindled my obsession with midcentury architecture and design: The Miller House. The round fireplace, sunken nook, and bright orange couches?! This is my warped idea of eye candy.
  • And finally, I’m not over my obsession with Queen by a long shot. Here are a couple more reasons to love these guys: a super adorable Making Of video for Radio Ga Ga, and Death Scrabble.

Paul McCartney at Outside Lands, 8/9/13

Who’s got two thumbs and just went to her second Macca concert in San Francisco?

(this girl!) 

And I had an amazing time, surrounded by fans of all ages (there was even a baby rocking out next to me) among the sweet smell of…eucalyptus trees…in Golden Gate Park. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think Paul had the longest set out of anyone at Outside Lands, including two encores and a crazy pyrotechnics display. That’s right, rocking harder than anyone else at 71 years old.

I didn’t take my camera to Outside Lands because I tend to get distracted by taking tons of pictures, so here are some iphone pictures from the show (sadly, none of which have a visible Paul in them):

I swear I could see him from where we were!


There’s one thing I must admit. Having been a hardcore Beatlefan for over 10 years (about 3 of which consisted of collecting DVDs, bootlegging, and reading every possible book about them I could get my hands on), I am burdened by an excessive amount of Beatles knowledge that will probably never leave me. So every story that Paul told, every mannerism and every show gimmick, I was already expecting. It’s almost like watching your parent or grandparent – someone who you feel you know really well – and just hoping they don’t do anything too silly or embarrassing. Of course, I shouldn’t have worried about that, because he put on an incredible show, goofy stage banter and all. How can you not love him?

A relevant song from the show:


Some of the highlights for me included:
+Something (intro on ukulele as a tribute to George <3)
+And I Love Her
+Blackbird (“How many people here have learned this song on guitar?”)
+I’ve Just Seen A Face
+and of course, the entire crowd singing Hey Jude at the end of the night

While we’re on the topic, here are some songs I’d like to hear Paul play live someday:
+Coming Up
+Oh! Darling
+Got To Get You Into My Life
+Monkberry Moon Delight (song of the moment. PAUL YOUR VOICE!)

I mean, how does he even choose what to play? He could probably put on a 5-hour show consisting of songs that everyone knows the words to, because they’re that universal (and then proceed to put on another 5-hour show of obscure, lesser-known songs that are just as awesome).
Another favorite part of the night: after the show, while the masses of concert-goers were exiting the festival grounds through a painted tunnel, everyone starting belting out the ending of Hey Jude again, effectively turning what would normally be a panic attack-inducing experience for me into a warm-and-fuzzy singalong of one of my favorite songs.


Thanks Paul. <3


The Evolution of Beatles Movies, feat. Paul McCartney and Victor Spinetti

Two things I meant to blog about this past week:

  • Happy 70th birthday to Sir Paul McCartney! Here, check out this epic photo tribute from Time.
  • R.I.P. Victor Spinetti, hilarious actor and familiar face in all 3 Beatles films (fun fact: we share a birthday). You will be missed!
And now, here are some videos including both of them. Watch the evolution of Beatles movies from cute to weird to incomprehensible:
The above is from A Hard Day’s Night. Victor plays the uptight TV director in the beginning. Also, this was the first song I ever learned to play on guitar!
From Help! (Context: the mad scientist wants Ringo’s ring so he can rule the world. /end context.)
I also had a really great/ridiculous clip from Magical Mystery Tour too, but it seems to have been taken down by Apple Corps. Bummer.


First of all, everyone has to see INCEPTION.

Mind-blowing movie. Also, I love Hans Zimmer’s score.

Secondly, I’ve totally been slacking in terms of this blog. Especially when I’ve had some awesome things to write about. I can’t just go to a Paul McCartney concert without hyping it like crazy (this marks my third separate blog about the concert). There were so many incredible songs and moments that I can’t begin to name them all. It is amazing that Macca still rocks so hard…he showed some serious chops during his Jimi Hendrix tribute, and was rocking all the way until the second(!) encore, which included Helter Skelter and The End. The man is a god. As a salute to Macca, I am posting some of my favorite videos, from throughout his career:

Band on the Run. Pure classic. The song is so good I can forgive Paul for having a mullet.

Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five is one of my favorite Wings songs ever. This tour was the first time he’d ever played it live!!

Just to give you a little taste of the concert I went to, here’s Live and Let Die at AT&T Park. Man, stadium concerts are great. Paul’s little act at the end [2:30] was so funny. I loved every time he tousled his hair, just like BeatlePaul. :D Still so good looking!! Speaking of which…

In conclusion, I love Paul McCartney.


Why yes, it IS Paul McCartney’s birthday. Watch out for a major Macca spam within the next 24 hours!

edit, 12:48 am: Ahhhh I fail; I didn’t make my post in time! I got caught up watching Changeling, which was way longer (and way more disturbing) than I expected. Now I’m feeling too distressed to make a happy entry…but I’ll try to do so by posting some of the most random Paul pics I have:

And a couple nice ones to top it off:

Happy 67th, Paul! YOU RULE!!!