Glenalbyn House First Night

Friday night I went to the first of a series of house concerts at the Glenalbyn house in Mt. Washington, hosted by our friend Michael Tessler. Performers included Ana Caravelle on harp, Ryan York on guitar, The Order of the Mopses, and DJ sets by Alex (aka Ricky Rice) and Nicholas Morera (aka [ a. d. l. r. ]). Almost all of the music consisted of original compositions by the performers, and Ryan’s piece involved six guitarists playing in different rooms of the two-story house while people walked around, literally hearing music in every direction. Definitely one of my favorite parts of the night.

Anyway, recordings will be up soon at In the meantime, you can read another blog post/short interview here and here, and look at some of my pictures!

Links to relevant websites:
Ana Caravelle/Anahita Navab
Asura/Ryan York
Ricky Rice/Alex Genco
[ a. d. l. r. ]/Nicholas Morera
The Mt. Washington Family Band

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