All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

I watched The Shining for a 3rd (4th?) time today. Soooo creepy. I don’t think there is anyone more perfect for the role of a murderous lunatic than Jack Nicholson, haha.

There are very few horror movies I like. Most of them rely on excessive blood and carnage to get your attention. With movies like Psycho and The Shining though, it’s the incredible buildup of suspense, the way scenes are presented, and the mere idea of these things happening that is so scary. Oh and Psycho has really cool music, haha. But exaggerated gruesome images and a dumb plot are the premise for a lot of scary movies today, making them hardly believable. In all actuality, I just really dislike gore, haha.

If you are interested at all in The Shining, Stanley Kubrick, or Jack Nicholson, I strongly suggest this documentary, on the making of the movie. Behind the scenes footage of Jack is just as entertaining as watching Jack on screen, haha.

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